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The graph and Nest Wealth Advantage amounts displayed are obtained by assuming a gross portfolio return of 6% and then deducting costs of the underlying assets. The Mutual Fund amount deducts the Total Expense Ratio (TER) according to Morningstar that would be paid by an individual holding a portfolio comprised 60% of an average Canadian Equity Fund and 40% of an average Canadian Bond Fund (2.25%). The Nest Wealth line assumes the same 6% gross portfolio return and deducting the fees paid in a typical Nest Wealth account including the monthly management fee, the MER of the underlying ETFs and the transaction fees incurred during the course of the year which are assumed to be $100. Cumulative returns are achieved by compounding the results on an annual basis and including any additional annual savings which are assumed to be added at the end of each prior year. Interest rate saved and Mortgage termination dates are arrived at by assuming a 25 year amortization at 5% interest and keeping payments constant while decreasing the amount of the mortgage by the Nest Wealth Advantage. This tool is not intended to predict portfolio earnings or performance, nor is it a guarantee of future performance. Actual investors will experience different results from the results shown.

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