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The German abbreviation GAEB stands for “Gemeinsame Ausschuss Elektronik im Bauwesen” [Joint Committee for Electronics in the Construction Industry] ( Public and private customers, architects, engineers and the construction industry in Germany are represented at GAEB by their respective umbrella organisations. GAEB promotes the use of data processing in the German construction industry. This involves the creation and revision of standardised documents for describing construction services, the development of a service specification, and process descriptions for electronic billing of volumes and construction work. The new GAEB-Online 2018 software by the company gaeb-online in Walzbachtal enables tenders in accordance with the GAEB standard to be transferred in one click directly to Microsoft Excel for further calculations, for example. The Windows programme GAEB-Online 2018 can also be used with every other Office suite. Calculations can be done in OpenOffice® or LibreOffice® and direct transfer is always possible with the new software. Users can now perform all calculations in the spread sheet to which they are accustomed without changing systems or moving outside their comfort zone. Once the calculations are completed, the unit price is transferred via GAEB-Online 2018 out of Excel to the defined tender in the existing format. Ulrike Braun of gaeb-online describes the advantages of the innovative software “Our GAEB-Online 2018 solution connects the Office world with GAEB tenders and is an excellent and favourably priced addition to every workshop”.

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