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Clearinghouse Services was incorporated in May of 2019 in anticipation of the start date of the required reporting to the FMCSA – January 6, 2020. Although the Clearinghouse will be operational starting January 6, 2020; FMCSA regulated employers with CDL drivers subject to DOT drug and alcohol testing requirements will still be required to perform manual (with paper) previous employer checks to cover preceding three years. The good news is that starting January 6, 2023, FMCSA regulated employers will be able to eliminate the paper previous employer checks and utilize the Clearinghouse exclusively. FMCSA maintains a comprehensive web site to help employers navigate the Clearinghouse requirements. The Clearinghouse web site is updated often as new and updated information becomes available. The purpose of Clearinghouse Services, Inc is to help employers comply with the requirements of the Clearinghouse rule. Membership services are available for unlimited consultation with your responsibilities for the clearinghouse. These responsibilities include:

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Pre-Employment DOT Drug Test

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